Sharia Law alert: Brunei goes down for the count!

The Sultan of Brunei, a very rich man has had a spiritual experience of sorts. He has decided that Brunei will now be under the strict rule of Sharia law. I have More »

My thoughts on the day after Cinco de Mayo

Let me attempt to put this succinctly as possible. Most Americans don’t have a problem with anyone celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Sure there are some that will have a problem with it More »

Homeless, violent, racist!

Racism has been a hot topic this past couple of weeks. We’ve seen it all, be it from the Bundy Ranch, Sterling and his ball games, or more recently Cinco de Mayo. More »

Are they stealing our jobs?


Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me this video [see below]. She wanted to illustrate how day laborers, and other immigrants are willing to do jobs that Americans would not. The aim of the video was to illustrate that these folks are not taking jobs away from Americans. Granted, the video shows Americans refusing the jobs being offered, and then goes on to show some day laborers that are willing to do the work. However, this is not a fair comparison, and it actually illustrates a major problem with employers, and not necessarily the folks refusing the work, or the day laborers who are accepting the work.

Visiting God’s country


Support legal immigration


Remember when you would play the game Warcraft? You’d build up your empire, establish perimeter security, and defend your land. If an enemy faction attempted to infiltrate your land, you’d simply wipe them out. There was no discussion, no diplomacy, no bus rides, no apologies! You’d attack, and deal with any words after the threat to your survival was good and neutralized. Until then, the only objective was to defend the homeland.

New song Warrior’s Anthem


The music scene is no friend to us conservatives. You will often see websites putting up posts stating their disbelief and shock that a certain musician or actor actually admits being conservative. Most recently, we read about Sting and how he wants his kids to be self-sufficient. “Is Sting Conservative?” was one of the headlines I read.

A message for congress


With all the unconstitutional activity that has been going on via the White House, there has been threat upon threat about impeachment, and lawsuits issued by GOP lawmakers. However, none of these lawmakers has followed through with the threats.