Anti Chinese Racist Black Woman

You would think that a member of a group of people with a past that was littered with abuse and civil rights issues would have a little more common sense than to go on a racist rant about another culture. Well, common sense is not always prevalent ladies and gentlemen. I give to you, angry, hateful, anti Chinese, black woman.

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Barack Obama sing Ebola song

Check out Barack Obama’s Ebola song, Control Ebola!

Animated by mporkyp

Performed by ARodomus (That’s me)

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Toys R Us Folded under the pressure

So after being bullied by parents who apparently don’t know how to properly rear their kids, Toys R Us folded and pulled the Breaking Bad action figures. You would think that these people have something better to do, but no, their are people out there that always need a crusade. They always need something to complain and whine about. If it’s not guns, it’s praying at lunch, or apparently now, Toys R Us action figure selection. Notice, they take no issue with a kid that kills zombies in the most gruesome of ways.

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Little girls cursing in feminist type video

I have figured out why this video bugged me. You know, besides the part about little girls cursing, and being disgusting at the behest of their irresponsible parents. Have you ever heard the saying “two wrongs don’t make a right?” Well, that applies here. See, these film makers, as well as most of their feminist commenters on the forums are hanging on to this point “Is it worse that women are treated bad, or little girls are cursing?”

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Antigun State Senator Jamilah Nasheed caught at protest with gun

Nasheed claims that she showed up to the Ferguson protests with the intent of being arrested. She stated that sometimes civil disobedience is required. Imagine that, this wench shows up at the Ferguson protests, during an election period. How freaking convenient that is. Of course those fools don’t realize it.

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