Rest in peace Casey Owens. Semper Fi!

Casey Owens

Yesterday, one of our Marine brothers lost his battle with post traumatic stress disorder. Casey Owens took his own life as a result of this terrible disorder. Statistics say that 22 veterans a day take their lives because of PTSD. I can’t help but think of our Marine still trapped in a Mexican prison. He recently attempted to take his own life because of PTSD. This needs to be taken more seriously by the VA and our government. If these men and women are able to take their own lives, you know that things must be really bad for them.

Mark Berndt, scum of the earth


This dirtbag molested and sexually assaulted nearly two dozen children. Since doing so, he was allowed to continue teaching for another three decades before the school district took action. The families are now suing the school district for not taking action sooner. These dirt bags and their lawyers are saying that the immigration status of the victims should factor in.

This thief gets what he deserves!

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What is that you ask? A serious can of whoop ass! Check this out ladies and gentlemen!

Extremists sympathizers in NYC

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Ladies and gentlemen, I witnessed three Muslim men having an argument. One of them was attempting to persuade the other two to take a leaflet. I was close enough to observe what appeared to be Arabic writing on the leaflet, but obviously I could not read the content. In addition to that I could not make out what the men were saying in Arabic. I could feel the tension between them, and I could tell that they were threatening one another. Once the debate ended, I decided to come in closer and engage the two guys that stayed on the bus, the man with the pamphlets left. Here is what the gentlemen said to me:

Black Panther threatens to murder police

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He also says, “No, not praise Jesus, Praise Allah.” This group has been itching for a reason to start a race war, what he is calling a “revolution.” Their leadership are a bunch of racists, and they have been looking for an excuse to start a war. Latching on to Ferguson seemed like the perfect opportunity for them. So there they are, making threats of murder.