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ebola nurse
Defiant Ebola Nurse

Follow @arodomus Something about this woman’s snub attitude really pisses me off! It also pisses me off how all her Read More

How to survive a home invasion, the pussified way.

Follow @arodomus So if you watched the Rossen Report, you probably saw their segment on home invasions. Here are a Read More

THR small logo psa
Damn bro, you killed a tree!

Follow @arodomus WATCH OUT MOVE! MOVE!

isis us
Patriots labeled terrorist, ISIS supporters are ok.

Follow @arodomus That’s the way it is in this country today. If ¬†you protest in favor of America, you are Read More

pastor threatened for gop
Violent democrats threaten pastor for supporting GOP

Follow @arodomus These democrats, no matter what, if you stand against them, they attack you. Not even a pastor is Read More

kids suspended for air soft guns
Kids suspended for posing with airsoft guns

Follow @arodomus You stupid, overreacting, hippy, liberal, buffoon run educational institutions! If these kids were psycho, and they wanted to Read More

disney special needs princess
Asking Disney for a special needs princess

Follow @arodomus Ladies and gentlemen, no matter what it is, the politically correct crowd will find a way to protest Read More

barack ebola
Nurse Kaci Hickox won’t obey Ebola quarantine

Follow @arodomus This woman must think that she is something really special, huh? So here’s the bottom line as far Read More

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