Top 5 Problems With Religion

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The Hidden Report Radio Show Host, Angel Rodriguez shares 5 tops reasons that he may have a problem with your religious beliefs.

The Hidden Report Radio Show: Halal Free Food, Hypocrites, and Dildos!

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The Hidden Report Radio Show with Angel Rodriguez. 9-20-14 Join Angel as he talks about the entitlement mindset and Somali Muslims refugees who are DEMANDING that food provided for FREE via Kitchen Shelves be Halal, Pork Free Food. We talk about the hypocrite that is Al Sharpton, and we also cover the sex ed teacher Dildo hoax! This week we have a patriotic song by Charlie Scott, and more from King Sage, LTrain, Sylvana Joyce and yours truly, ARodomus.

ISIS Flag burning challenge


The Four Horsemen: Antonio Smith


A few weekends ago, nine-year-old Antonio Smith was shot and killed in Chicago. As of this writing, no suspects were in custody. This is a too familiar occurrence in what has been aptly dubbed Chiraq. It is a sad state of affairs that we conservatives all across the board have often brought up. Only to just as often encounter a deafening silence.

Muslim paranoia


Ladies and gentlemen, I am not your typical conservative. See, for the most part, with politics, if you are on either side, you generally have specific views on topics. Muslims, according to most folks on the right, are the enemy. Though I agree that groups like ISIS present a grave threat to America and our allies, I don’t lump all Muslims in with ISIS.